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What You May Not Know About DUI Offenses

For many people there is the common belief that a DUI is not such a severe offense to have on your record. This is a serious underestimation of the realities of drunk driving. There are several severe consequences that people may not realize about until they are the ones on the receiving end of a conviction. One of the recent changes many states have made is making first time offenders serve jail time. Even though this can often be limited to just a couple of days that can be served at the weekend, it does bring home the severity of the offense and does well in deterring first time offenders from repeating. This is mostly because with repeat offenders the length of the jail time will be extended and past a certain point, it will no longer be served in county lock up but rather state prison. 

Many people are also aware that part of the punishment is having your license suspended and points knocked off. There is however further punishment invoked in the form of license restrictions. This means that after you get back your license, you will be restricted as to where you can drive to in your personal car. You may be limited to just commuting straight form home to work and back. This severely limits freedom and can last several months.

The wet reckless plea bargain is a good option if you can achieve it. It turns what could have been a DUI conviction into a reckless driving offense. You get less severe penalties on this. Unfortunately if you do later receive charges of DUI, this offense will still be take into account as drunk driving related and increase the level of penalties you will suffer. To better understand the applicable local laws and consequences you may be facing, be sure to hire San Diego DUI Attorneys to advise you. 

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